Patient Presentation Secrets

Are there really any secrets to presenting and closing patients? Oh ya!

Probably the second most common question asked from doctors (right behind “how do I get new patients?”). So what are they?

Have good systems set up in your office… and actually FOLLOW THEM. Be consistent with what you do. Be constant with your systems.

It’s amazing how many doctors know what they should be doing… but then they get distracted by the next “shiny object” and stop following the systems that are already in place.

Then the next thing you know… your practice revenue has dipped and you are scrambling to get it going again. You get focused again and your practice starts to climb back up again.

Uh oh… “shiny object” ahead. It’s happening again. You get bored with what’s working to grow your practice and you start searching for the next best thing. You try some new strategies again… which isn’t bad… the bad part is… you STOP doing all the other things that were working.

And the cycle continues.


In order to break that cycle you need to find out first what is working in your practice. Then keep doing it. Feel free to add other strategies to your arsenal as time goes on… just don’t stop working on the things that are filling your bank account.

You will have a nice core of strategies that are the bread and butter for your practice. And here’s the SECRET… doing a lot of little things right before you ever get to the “close” with your patient will make them say YES to what you have to say.

The close is not an event… it’s a process. Take the time to focus on the individual steps in the process leading up to the “close”. When you handle all those little core steps in the process… by the time you get to the close… your patients will just say YES without you badgering them or trying to convince them of anything.

Keep your focus. Stay the course. Add to your arsenal… don’t JUST do the next big thing out there. Create a WOW experience for your patients. Create a relationship with your patients. Create a relationship with your patients BEYOND your practice. Don’t just expect them to come back to you. Create value for your patients.

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