Top 5 Benefits of Using Steaming Video to Broadcasting Live Presentations

Not too many years ago, it was commonplace for companies to fly important employees and key personnel to attend meetings, trade shows, conventions, and give presentations on behalf of the company. Those days are gone due to the tremendous expense inherent with travel, including hotels, car rentals, airfare, and of course the day-to-day expenses for food, drink, and entertainment associated with the trip.

Companies looking to trim those expenses while increasing their own bottom line profits are now turning to the internet and doing live streaming video presentations because of its many benefits. Here are 5 of the most significant benefits of streaming your own presentations:

  1. Your audience is global. From the comfort of your own computer, you can literally broadcast to potential customers in Europe, Australia, Russia, etc. without dealing with any travel expenses whatsoever.
  2. You can push your powerpoint slides to your audience just as easily as if you were right in front of them in person. While you’re speaking on video in real time, you’re also showing the powerpoint presentation you spent countless hours on right on your prospect’s computer screen.
  3. You can interact with your viewers as well while you give your presentation to take questions, get comments, and generally judge the interest level with your audience. It’s just like being there in person.
  4. Unlike meetings you have to travel to, streaming video presentations can be archived for future viewing, so if an important client for some reason misses the presentation, they can see the video in full without missing a beat.
  5. Some live streaming video broadcasting platforms allow you to resell the service while you’re doing the presentation.For example, if someone is watching and wants to do the same type of impactful presentation for their company, they can click a button on the screen and immediately sign up for an account and you would get paid as an affiliate.

When considering companies that can provide live presentation and video streaming products, I would strongly suggest going with one that has an affiliate program as this is very powerful technology that really sells itself once you see for yourself how powerful a live streaming broadcast can be.

Remember: The traditional advertising model is shifting from conventional avenues towards the internet. Large corporations are capitalizing on this fact by spending millions of dollars developing internet marketing software where technology is at the point where streaming video is now a reality.

Take advantage of the amazing benefits of live broadcasting. Your advertising budget will thank you for it.

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