Tips to Improve Interactive Whiteboard Presentations

What’s important is the end result, were you able to capture the audience attention? Or did they consider listening to you was just a waste of time. When you were done, did they want to hear more? Or in their mind they were shouting “Finally! It’s over!”? Here are some tips in assuring full attention from your audience.

First thing is to make sure that your pointer is accurate. Do make adjustments before starting to avoid control malfunctions, if you have time to do dry runs of your presentation to prevent glitches from happening. Maximize also the use of keyboard shortcuts these would help in the flow of your presentation. Instead of erasing stuff on the board like a regular eraser going back and forth, draw around the area with the eraser and click in the center. This will look professional and would make erasing faster. The touch screen really helps in his case.

Another thing you can do is to hide some parts with one of the tools available called screen shade. This could create a little mystery and the audience can participate in finding out what is hidden. For fun, create a picture puzzle with pictures related to your topic, this is another chance for the crowd to interact.

There are many more techniques you can use and make your interactive whiteboard presentation unique. Research on such techniques and ask around. Different styles, games and other ways to make your discussion more interesting helps in having a fun and successful presentation always.

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