Present: The Ominous Time?

How many times have you said to yourself that you will do something tomorrow instead of today? Yes, I know, you are busy, but the problem is that our days don’t get any longer, and we don’t get any younger.

You have 25.500, only 25.500! These are the days a human has by the age of 70. Make the present count, for you have been in a race against time since the first day you were born. Time doesn’t wait for you, so then, why would you wait for it and postpone it for tomorrow?

After all, what’s wrong with today? Why do we have to delay that confrontation for tomorrow or just our writing, or reading, going to the gym, falling in love or filling for divorce, or just giving up sweets?

I love New Year’s resolution! Nobody remembers it in February, and even if he /she will, deferment for tomorrow is the cure for remembrance. The answer is not in tomorrow but in today, in the present time.

Psychologically speaking the human mind is constantly wondering in the past or in the future. Through meditation, we actually stabilize ourselves at the time of living, and that’s Present. The only moment we are in control in is the present. I can plan for tomorrow, and I can go down the memory lane, but the only feasible time is now. Whatever will change, it will be done at this present moment. The more you will wait, the more you will have the probability of not accomplishing it.

If you want something to be done, give it to a busy person! Of course it is so true and of course it is so right. That person knows that all the money in the world cannot buy back time, so organization is the key word. If you are not going to do it today, you might not do it at all!

People need to smell the roses everyday, do something for their souls on a daily basis, and that is how the whole life will be lived while they are still breathing.

“Cogito ergo sum,” I think therefore I exist/am. We exist now, we are thinking now, and we are acting now. Present is the only time we get, so we need to use it wisely!

Use today like it is your last day to live! Use it to maximum; squeeze it until nothing is left!

So, why are you still reading this and not doing something?

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