Pampered Chef Consultants: A Must Read For Future and Present Pampered Chef Consultants!

Whether you have joined the Pampered Chef business opportunity or you are thinking about it, you can be assured that this company is NOT a flight risk. At some point, you have come across some Pampered Chef Representatives selling those Amazing, kitchen products. As a matter of fact, you probably have one or two of their cooking products in your kitchen. This company has been around for a long time and has withstood the test of time. Hopefully, this article review will help you dispel all the other negative Pampered Chef reviews about this company.

Pampered Chef Facts:

The company has a very, rich history dating back to the year 1980. It was founded by Doris Christopher, an educator, home economist and mother who saw the need for professional-quality kitchen tools in the everyday kitchen. As an educator and home economists, Doris began using her talents for teaching to display her kitchen tools in home kitchen shows and demonstrations.

For the next 20 years, Pampered Chef has enjoyed PHENOMENAL success with Pampered chef sales showing tremendous growth. It has International offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico, with a staff of over 750 people. The company bolsters a Sales Force of over 67,000 consultants worldwide and serves over 12 million customers.

In September of 2002, Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway purchased Pampered Chef. Pampered Chef is the largest, branded kitchen ware company and the largest direct seller of housewares in the U.S. With excellent financials, strong management, and secret recipe for success, it was deal of a lifetime for Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet has a good track record of investing in companies that have great potential and making them even better through his wisdom, experience and leadership.

Pampered Chef Products:

The products are of High quality and Professional Grade for cooking and entertainment. They range from stoneware, bake ware, gadgets, cookware, cookbooks, specialty cooking tools and a host of other kitchen ware. My favorite is the cooking stone. The company has even expanded from ordering by catalogs at home demonstrations to having pampered chef online ordering.

Pampered Chef Business Opportunity:

How do you know if this company and opportunity is for you? Well, if you enjoy cooking, meeting different people and playing host to home parties, then the Pampered Chef business opportunity may be for you.

You will be paid a commission in direct proportion to the amount of sales you make, usually about 20% – 30% of your sales volume, including what your sales team does as well. It will cost you less than $200 to get started with the company, which covers your startup kit. The amount of income to be made will largely depend on your personal efforts of selling products and recruiting others to do the same. This will definitely vary; but it is very clear to see that some excellent part-time income can be made if you are willing to put in the work and effort.

Pampered Chef Keys to Building a Successful Business:

The company’s preferred method of building a business is to host 2-4 shows a week at homes. This will be a time- consuming task with all the organizing and planning that has to be done. However, you could earn anywhere from $800 – $1,800 a month. This will be a lot of work I repeat.

This is a traditional method of marketing and selling that can get you results, but NOT the results you may be thinking about to earn the BIG income. What will you do once you run out of friends and family to invite to home cooking shows?

Answer: You will need to learn how to generate more leads consistently and on a daily basis in order to be successful. These are NEW people you can present your business opportunity to every week!

The world of the Internet is an Excellent source to do this. You should really aim at generating 10-25 leads a day in order to take your Income and Business to higher levels within your company.

In any company or business opportunity, it will be EXTREMELY difficult for the beginning marketer, if you do not know how to market on the internet, generate leads, and know the Foundational Principles of being a successful marketer FIRST!

Pampered Chef is a legitimate business opportunity with an awesome income potential, IF you have the right system of generating leads and converting them to consultants Automatically!

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