Five Steps to a Successful Sales Presentation

Knowing how to give an effective presentation is a powerful skill and can be indispensable in helping you achieve both your professional and personal goals. Whether you’re pitching your business concept to a venture capitalist, hoping to land your next blue chip client or convincing the over the counter customer that your product is what she needs – a successful presentation is key to closing the sale.

Before you walk into any meeting room or shake any hands, is your presentation up to scratch? Keep in mind these five important tips to deliver an effective pitch:

  1. Think about structure – as the presenter, your critical role is to guide your audience through your main points. One of the most important components of good presentation skills is being able to effectively organise your delivery. The structure of how you present your argument as you lead your listeners through your presentation is vital to effectively communicate your core message.
  2. Know your audience - your presentation should be tailored to your audience. By knowing about different styles of people and their personalities, you’ll be able to better determine the type of audience you’re addressing.
  3. Consider your gestures and body language - your words make up just a small portion of your presentation. Gestures and body language communicate so much more to your audience; you can give emphasis and assurance where needed. Be aware of that body language and posture need to show that you’re confident about your product, so make sure your body communicates the same messages your words do.
  4. Use effective visual aids – PowerPoint slides, charts, graphs – use visual aids to help you communicate your message and illustrate your point. It’s important that your visuals enhance your presentation and don’t distract the audience – you don’t want viewers spending their time trying to read a large paragraph of text or comprehend a graph on the screen while you’re delivering your key messages.
  5. Be prepared for tough situations – it starts with knowing your product and identifying potential problems beforehand. Learn how to effectively prepare for and handle a tough room.

The key to an effective presentation is to communicate effectively and gain some perspective on who your listeners are and how they will respond. Sales training programs can help sharpen and hone your skills so your delivery is powerful and poignant. By keeping in mind a few key elements, you can boost your comfort and confidence levels when standing before an audience.

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