Pampered Chef Consultants: A Must Read For Future and Present Pampered Chef Consultants!

Whether you have joined the Pampered Chef business opportunity or you are thinking about it, you can be assured that this company is NOT a flight risk. At some point, you have come across some Pampered Chef Representatives selling those Amazing, kitchen products. As a matter of fact, you probably have one or two of their cooking products in your kitchen. This company has been around for a long time and has withstood the test of time. Hopefully, this article review will help you dispel all the other negative Pampered Chef reviews about this company.

Pampered Chef Facts:

The company has a very, rich history dating back to the year 1980. It was founded by Doris Christopher, an educator, home economist and mother who saw the need for professional-quality kitchen tools in the everyday kitchen. As an educator and home economists, Doris began using her talents for teaching to display her kitchen tools in home kitchen shows and demonstrations.

For the next 20 years, Pampered Chef has enjoyed PHENOMENAL success with Pampered chef sales showing tremendous growth. It has International offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico, with a staff of over 750 people. The company bolsters a Sales Force of over 67,000 consultants worldwide and serves over 12 million customers.

In September of 2002, Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway purchased Pampered Chef. Pampered Chef is the largest, branded kitchen ware company and the largest direct seller of housewares in the U.S. With excellent financials, strong management, and secret recipe for success, it was deal of a lifetime for Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet has a good track record of investing in companies that have great potential and making them even better through his wisdom, experience and leadership.

Pampered Chef Products:

The products are of High quality and Professional Grade for cooking and entertainment. They range from stoneware, bake ware, gadgets, cookware, cookbooks, specialty cooking tools and a host of other kitchen ware. My favorite is the cooking stone. The company has even expanded from ordering by catalogs at home demonstrations to having pampered chef online ordering.

Pampered Chef Business Opportunity:

How do you know if this company and opportunity is for you? Well, if you enjoy cooking, meeting different people and playing host to home parties, then the Pampered Chef business opportunity may be for you.

You will be paid a commission in direct proportion to the amount of sales you make, usually about 20% – 30% of your sales volume, including what your sales team does as well. It will cost you less than $200 to get started with the company, which covers your startup kit. The amount of income to be made will largely depend on your personal efforts of selling products and recruiting others to do the same. This will definitely vary; but it is very clear to see that some excellent part-time income can be made if you are willing to put in the work and effort.

Pampered Chef Keys to Building a Successful Business:

The company’s preferred method of building a business is to host 2-4 shows a week at homes. This will be a time- consuming task with all the organizing and planning that has to be done. However, you could earn anywhere from $800 – $1,800 a month. This will be a lot of work I repeat.

This is a traditional method of marketing and selling that can get you results, but NOT the results you may be thinking about to earn the BIG income. What will you do once you run out of friends and family to invite to home cooking shows?

Answer: You will need to learn how to generate more leads consistently and on a daily basis in order to be successful. These are NEW people you can present your business opportunity to every week!

The world of the Internet is an Excellent source to do this. You should really aim at generating 10-25 leads a day in order to take your Income and Business to higher levels within your company.

In any company or business opportunity, it will be EXTREMELY difficult for the beginning marketer, if you do not know how to market on the internet, generate leads, and know the Foundational Principles of being a successful marketer FIRST!

Pampered Chef is a legitimate business opportunity with an awesome income potential, IF you have the right system of generating leads and converting them to consultants Automatically!

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The Simple Ways Eco Bags Help Sustain Businesses Presently

There is no denying the truth that the business community presently is on unreliable ground. The shakiness of the world market and also the global economic meltdown propel big and small businesses to make wise actions and measures in regards to spending their funds on marketing strategies. That’s because these tactics need to be able to deliver results for the company to guarantee that its active and prospective customers will continue doing business with it. This is notwithstanding the fact that a tiny sum of money was invested on promotion. In truth, the life of a company might be contingent on what amount of returns it makes soon after promotional items, just like enviro bags, have been dispersed. Nevertheless, why are we singling out these bags?

Well, environmentally friendly bags generally are not expensive yet are incredibly clever options in terms of promotional products mainly because its recipients will not be reluctant to receive them. Just what does this mean? Quite simply that the meagre amount that has been shelled out for the manufacture of the bags wouldn’t go to waste. If a company invests funds for the bags and share these away to their customers, both regular and potential ones, their customers would certainly be incredibly thankful and appreciative of the gesture therefore they would undoubtedly promise their dedication to the company. Moreover, the bags also offer considerable marketing mileage for a company given that it can be utilised at anytime and anywhere.

Nonetheless, you will still find some other reasons why marketing eco bags are viewed as one of the popular efficient marketing tools available in the market. Firstly, these bags happen to be reusable. The bags are often composed of naturally degradable components which signify that their manufacture did not result in any kind of damage to the planet. Men and women are ardently encouraged to go green today and they accept this call by means of eco-friendly goods. Hence the eco bags will certainly sit nicely with them. One more reason is the fact that the moment clients and prospective financiers observe that a company is exerting hard work to go green and also encouraging its customers to do the same thing, these people will be more than likely to keep on using its products and services.

Lastly, the bags are not just efficient at endorsing a company’s good name but it also can serve as a travelling advert for the business. Bags tend to be big so there’s certainly adequate place on which to print a company’s name, logo and even contact details. That results in more people gaining understanding of a business.

You can find these bags from a trusted and efficient promotional items vendor. This sort of company has been in existence a while and has verified its worth with regards to providing highly affordable and high quality promotion products. is a website operated by a company called Promotion Products. Promotion Products Pty Ltd is an Australian Promotional Products supply company based in Brisbane supplying a national client base from decoration facilities and warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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Embroidered Polo Shirts Are Presentable and Useful Giveaway Products

Regardless what the size of an organisation is, it is true that the proprietor would progressively look for best ways to expose his goods and services. An enterprise thrives because of the notice it earns from customers, both established and likely, and the only technique to get noticed by these customers is through successful promotion methods. Even though you offer the most spectacular products or provide the highest quality services, it’s quite improbable that folks will take notice not unless you provide them something specific that has your company’s name and logo. An excellent way to get noticed by people is through the application of promotional gifts and custom polo shirts are probably the optimum marketing tools there is.

Really, if you are seeking to promote your business, the best solution is to take advantage of presentable and functional goods. There are a number of selections when it comes to promotional items. But, a polo shirt stands out as the most suitable option not only if you want your brand name to get noticed, but additionally if you want to strongly encourage your clients to keep on supporting your products. Do you understand why?

Well, a shirt is something your customer can choose to wear on several occasions. Hence, the garment works like a wandering advertisement for your company. For as long as one is dressed in a promotional shirt, that is tantamount to a recurring marketing campaign for almost any company. Obviously, it is a costly choice. However, if you think about the impending profits your company will reel in when clients and prospective shareholders start noticing your business, you will observe how that specific investment is worth each and every penny.

Even so, it is important to remember the fact that there are a few points you need to take into consideration if you’re planning on making use of embroidered polo shirts as your merchandising giveaways. What are these? Firstly you ought to think about your local area. If you are living in a place where temperatures can go down extremely, then it wouldn’t be a prudent move to pick out shirts created from cotton. As much as possible, you would probably want one created from polyester as that provides a lot more warmth. Secondly, you ought to take into account the method that you would wish your company’s name and logo to appear. Would you want it embroidered or will you choose those iron-on graphics?

Conclusively, when contemplating custom polo shirts, give some thought to just how much you are in a position to invest. Keep in mind that your motive is always to market your business. For that reason, you need something which will mirror the image of your company, especially in terms of quality. Start looking for a manufacturer of promotional products that can furnish you with superior items, including promotional shirts that are budget friendly yet effective in spreading word pertaining to your company. is a website operated by a company called Promotion Products. Promotion Products Pty Ltd is an Australian Promotional Products supply company based in Brisbane supplying a national client base from decoration facilities and warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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Receiving an Extra Present – The Christmas Party Tax Break

The office Christmas party is a great time to let your hair down and mingle with colleagues you have only ever exchanged small talk with at the office printer. It is also synonymous with embarrassing dancing and next morning fuzzy heads. Reclaiming tax on your office Christmas party is one way smart employers, employees and contractors working through an umbrella company are nursing this post-party pain. Be tax-break savvy and know when and how to claim exemption from certain work events.

HM Revenue & Customs have various rules and guidelines on tax breaks for events such as the office Christmas party. According to the HMRC, there is an exemption from tax, NICs and reporting if the social function which an employer holds for their employees comes under certain criteria.

Firstly, it must be an annual event such as a Christmas party or a summer BBQ. Secondly, the event must be open to all employees. ‘Open’ includes parties arranged at different branch locations and also includes those organised by different work departments within one company. Each employee should be invited to attend at least one of the events. If, for example, a party is thrown solely for directors and executives, then no tax breaks are given. Thirdly, the cost-per-head of the event should not exceed £150. This figure, which has increased since 5 April 2003 where it once stood at £75 per head, includes VAT and any related costs such as transport and accommodation.

Some party-animal companies which offer their staff more than one annual party can do so (although where are they and why aren’t we working for them?). However, if the total of the combined parties exceed the £150 costs-per-head threshold then employees will not be exempt from tax and NICs. If you are invited to more than one event, make sure you do not breach the £150 per-head allowance, or if you do, be prepared that you will have to pay all tax and NICs on those parties. The financially aware social butterfly might have to be selective about the parties they want to attend!

As a permanent employee of a company, the company will arrange this tax break for you. But if you are a contractor it is up to you to reclaim those important extra pounds in the run up to Christmas. Working as a contractor under an umbrella company allows you to shift the hassle of working out your Christmas party tax-breaks onto your umbrella frim. Different regulations apply to contractors, especially if you plan to attend more than one annual event and the total cost exceeds the £150 threshold. Your umbrella company can advise you on which party is best to claim a tax-break on. Let an umbrella company do this for you by correctly filling out the right forms on your behalf, giving you more time to wrap up those presents.

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Patient Presentation Secrets

Are there really any secrets to presenting and closing patients? Oh ya!

Probably the second most common question asked from doctors (right behind “how do I get new patients?”). So what are they?

Have good systems set up in your office… and actually FOLLOW THEM. Be consistent with what you do. Be constant with your systems.

It’s amazing how many doctors know what they should be doing… but then they get distracted by the next “shiny object” and stop following the systems that are already in place.

Then the next thing you know… your practice revenue has dipped and you are scrambling to get it going again. You get focused again and your practice starts to climb back up again.

Uh oh… “shiny object” ahead. It’s happening again. You get bored with what’s working to grow your practice and you start searching for the next best thing. You try some new strategies again… which isn’t bad… the bad part is… you STOP doing all the other things that were working.

And the cycle continues.


In order to break that cycle you need to find out first what is working in your practice. Then keep doing it. Feel free to add other strategies to your arsenal as time goes on… just don’t stop working on the things that are filling your bank account.

You will have a nice core of strategies that are the bread and butter for your practice. And here’s the SECRET… doing a lot of little things right before you ever get to the “close” with your patient will make them say YES to what you have to say.

The close is not an event… it’s a process. Take the time to focus on the individual steps in the process leading up to the “close”. When you handle all those little core steps in the process… by the time you get to the close… your patients will just say YES without you badgering them or trying to convince them of anything.

Keep your focus. Stay the course. Add to your arsenal… don’t JUST do the next big thing out there. Create a WOW experience for your patients. Create a relationship with your patients. Create a relationship with your patients BEYOND your practice. Don’t just expect them to come back to you. Create value for your patients.

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Making a Speech? My Condolences – The Five Stages of Dealing With Your Impending Presentation

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

~Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian

Regardless of why people have such a challenge with public speaking, we seem to deal with it the same way that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross describes a person’s reaction to news of their own impending death. Kübler-Ross described five stages.

  1. Denial. If you are someone who has a fear of public speaking, then your first reaction might be to deny that you actually have to go through with it. The result of this is procrastination in the hope that something will happen, some event will befall you, that will prevent you from having to make the presentation. An unused sick day perhaps?
  2. Anger. At some point you may say, “why me?”. Why was I chosen, with my busy schedule, seniority, lack of seniority, what have you. This one, if unresolved, is an absolute barrier to moving towards giving your presentation. There will always be some resentment-mostly unrealistic-that this was something done to you. As a result, your focus will be drawn away from the task at hand.
  3. Bargaining. Maybe, if I come in weekends and do some more overtime, the boss will let me out of this. Maybe if I talk to Jenkins down the hall he’ll do it for me. This may work sometimes. But chances are if you are chosen, it is because you have some experience or expertise in the matter. One way or another, one day it will catch up with you and you can wind up in front of that group of people giving a presentation that you’ve tried to slough off onto someone else instead of attacking it head-on.
  4. Depression. If not full out depression, then certainly high anxiety. Either way the effect is the same. People may spend hours in their office staring blankly – thinking about the prospect of standing in front of other people. And dreading it.
  5. Acceptance. At this point people come to terms with the fact that there will be a presentation, and it is they who will be responsible for delivering it.

As a consultant, I see the same process played out when we implement a new software solution in a company. Implementations that I work on usually represent a major change in the way things are done for the people in the company. The way people deal with change is, in many ways, the same way as people who are facing, and fearing, an impending presentation.

I’ve learned that the best way of getting people through this change is to help them reach the point of acceptance as soon as possible. This is unlike the Kubler-Ross model where things are best allowed to evolve naturally. In the case of being tasked with a presentation it is important for people to get on with it. This will maximize their ability to be comfortable once they are standing in front of an audience.

My recommendation is when you are faced with being asked to make a presentation to simply say, “I’ll get it done”. Then place that date and time in your calendar and get on with it. Because, this is going to happen anyway.

The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can start ensuring that you will be comfortable in making your presentation.

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Controlling Your Nerves When Presenting a Webinar

Public speaking is one of the most fearful things a person can partake in. Even the more-experienced public speaker will have some degree of nervousness before addressing their audience. It would be easy to assume that public speaking is made easier when the speaker and audience are situated in separate locations, but the fact remains that the speaker still has to address a number of people simultaneously. Whether your presentation relates to webinar training or webinar coaching, the same tactics can be used to ensure your presentation is delivered successfully.

In order to control our nerves, we first have to understand what causes them in the first place. A person gets nervous as they are feeling fear, which in turn is an anticipation of pain. So while they won’t have pain inflicted on them directly, there is the worry that something could go wrong in front of a lot of people. For example, you could forget what you’re saying in the middle of your presentation, there is also the worry that you could forget some important information therefore making the speech itself irrelevant. Feeling nervous is a natural human instinct, and while there is no miracle cure to stop anyone ever feeling nervous, there are some steps you can take to ensure you take control of your nerves, and even use them to your advantage.

The first step to take is to ensure you are prepared. And preparation relates to every part of your presentation. So for example, have you proofread your presentation? Have you ensured that it is not only informative, but also easy-to-follow? Knowing that your presentation is correct and finished will give you a much needed boost of confidence that helps keep your nerves at bay. Of course, there is a lot more to consider than the presentation itself. You should also ensure that any tools being used as part of the presentation are also in working order. Things to check should include your web conferencing software, as well as any audio and visual aids required to deliver your presentation.

Once you have everything in place and you have checked your presentation and become familiar with it, you should have a contingency plan in place should any mishaps arise. For example, if you make a mistake when delivering your presentation, try not to stumble or freeze on the spot. A quick recovery will not only show you have the tenacity to carry on, but it will also present you as a normal person who makes mistakes and simply deals with them rather than cover them up. You could even inject some humor into what happened. This will ensure that people are concentrating on what you have to say, instead of losing confidence.

Once you have established that everything is in working order and that your presentation is faultless, you will have more time to compose the most important asset of the presentation, you. Go through your presentation a couple of times before delivering it to a crowd of people. This will allow you to become familiar with the content of the webinar, and will also help with the delivery of the content. You may find after a couple of run-throughs that some aspects of the presentation need to be changed for a clearer delivery. Once you have made such amendments, carry out further dry runs of the presentation until you are 100% happy with both the delivery and content of the presentation. By the time you deliver your presentation you will find that you’re nervous, but confident. This will ensure that you are giving the best webinar presentation possible.

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Presentation Skills – Setup Your Meeting Room For Success

What sabotages your speech before you even start? What causes your audience to tune you out? What creates a huge obstacle for even a great speaker? The answer is: the wrong meeting room setup.

Different room layouts create different group dynamics. Choose the right layout and have a successful speech or training session. Here are the recommended room setups for various group sizes and presentation types.

For an interactive training session with 10-30 people:

Use several small round tables with 3-5 people each. I use this room layout when I need maximum interactivity. It is great for exercises, role-plays and simulations.

It allows participants to network with each other. It builds relationships and boosts morale. When I was training managers to coach their employees, this layout built teamwork and trust in the group.

For a brainstorming session or focus group of 6- 12 people:

Use a boardroom setup with a single table surrounded by chairs. When I was Manager of Training at Telus Mobility, I used this room setup for planning sessions. This layout encourages group discussions.

It is great for short (less than 2-hour long) meetings. Keep in mind that certain seats (such as the head of the table) garner more “power” and confer a higher status. Make sure you are sitting in one of these “power seats” if you are the discussion leader.

For a keynote speech with audiences of 30+ people:

Use a “theater” style setup with a shallow “V” shape. This is a classic setup for large audiences. It focuses all the audience attention upon you as the speaker. Have the chairs arranged in a slight inverted “V” shape. You want both arms of the “V” angled toward you onstage. That makes it easier for people sitting at the side of the room to see you. Otherwise, they would have to turn their heads awkwardly to see you onstage.

This layout works well for short (45 minute) lectures. However, it limits your ability to run interactive exercises or role-plays. It is better suited to lectures rather than training sessions.

So, choose the right meeting room setup and maximize your chances of a successful speech or training session.

© 2008 Reflective Keynotes Inc., Toronto, Canada

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Small Screwdrivers – Perhaps the Best Christmas Present to Receive?

Before you travel to the neighborhood hardware store to purchase a set of precision screwdrivers for your tool present to give this year, take a bit of time to find the right present for your loved one. Let us face it, your pops has a garage full of tools and you have got no actual idea as to what is out there. Do you truly believe you might be qualified to buy the tools that he requires? Maybe you ought to leave that up to him. Nonetheless, if you are dead set in giving tools as a present, think about this first.

Keep in mind, the garage is not a place you know very well. So, ask him if you can borrow a screwdriver, and ask him where they are. As soon as he’s gone from the house, go rummage through his tools. Does he own a mini screwdriver? If not, it may be a excellent opportunity to pick him up a set of them. A good precision screwdriver is an incredibly versatile tool that every man must have in their toolbox. In reality, they should have much more than one, so think about picking up a full set of them.

Still not beneficial enough? It is safe to declare that most tool lovers do appreciate tools which might be beneficial. So, when you discover that a new gadget or a new type of tool is available and you know he doesn’t have it yet, get it. But bear in mind, quality matters. So in case you are giving a gift of tools, be sure to get the stuff that is will last and can provide top quality service to your father.

Now that you understand that he has a shop full of gear, think about offering that tool gift to someone else. Hey, it’s possible your mom needs it to do all of the jobs that dad hasn’t got to! An exceptional gift for the guy or lady that already has all of the tools they might ever want or need, is a gift card so that they will buy the replacement parts that they need, materials for the next project or an organizer for all of their vast collections of tools – thanks to you!

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Cheap Valentine Presents for Men

It is both a talent and an art when you get the perfect gift for someone you love. It is a talent because you need to know what he likes and what makes him happy. It is an art, on the other hand, because you need to make your gift appear as the best and most memorable. And if you’re looking for presents for men this Valentine’s, then you must have both aspects right. Perhaps this article can be of help.

Find your way through his stomach.

It is an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your presents for men need not be material. It will be more personal and romantic if you cook a special dinner for him on the special day. You can prepare his favorite dishes or you may also cook new cuisines. Light some candles and serve him some wine so that you can have a perfect dinner for two.

Have a movie night.

When we say movie, I don’t recommend that you go out and watch a movie in the public cinema, although you may do so if you prefer to. You may spend the night at home just watching a movie on the couch with popcorn and some chips. This will be very special, especially if you’re both too busy in your jobs. An enjoyable movie night together will surpass a night in any expensive restaurant in the city.

Write your thoughts. This is a basic and primitive way but a very effective and inexpensive one to give meaningful presents for men. If your husband or hubby is way too busy and you hardly have time to have a conversation, you may want to write a short note for him on Valentine’s Day. You can slip it inside his coat or briefcase. An unexpected note of endearment from you is very touching and might just lead him to surprise you too after office hours. Never underestimate the power of sweet words.

Give him simple gifts to make him remember how much he means to you.

This need not be expensive. You can give him a customized mug that he can use in the office. Or you can have your pictures framed. Just add a special dedication to make it more special.

You don’t have to bother yourself too much just thinking of perfect presents for men. What is important is the thought behind the gift you’re giving him.

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